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Month: May 2014

NES Remix 2 review: Does it blend?

Review: NES Remix 2

British VGH contributor Russ Greeno was recently coaxed out of retirement by the prospect of experiencing classic retro gaming challenges on his Wii U.

Hi, I’m Russ Greeno. You may or may not remember me from such video game reviews as Sonic in Mediocre Land or Duke Nukem 3: Suffragette Edition.

Last year, I decided to retire from reviewing games after feeling depressed about the state of “video game journalism”. I don’t want to dwell on things here, but I’d sum it up by saying that a proliferation of gaming news blogs regurgitating press releases and keeping fanboy flamewars burning made me want to quit. When I was offered an opportunity to review NES Remix 2 on Wii U, it occurred to me that this celebration of Nintendo’s history just might be the ideal title to flex the reviewing muscle in my brain (mostly just to see if it still worked).

Imagine if you could play the standout scenes from all those classic NES titles you fondly remember without having to get your old console out of the attic. On top of that, how about if Nintendo dropped all of those games into a mixing bowl and stirred everything around just a little bit. Wouldn’t that be cool? That’s the surprising premise that NES Remix delivered to the Wii U’s eShop less than six months ago. In that original outing, you could experience such things as Level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. with different enemy placements, a lap of Excitebike in the dark, and the first stage of Donkey Kong where you control Link instead of Mario (and Link can’t jump over the barrels or use hammers!).

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