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Video Game Hangover is a podcast tribute to our love for—and occasional overindulgence in—gaming! Each episode we’ll discuss the games that have been keeping us up late and, most of the time, we’ll break down a topic related to games or the gaming industry.

Your Hosts

Randy Dickinson

Despite being the oldest of the VGH crew I’m also something of a gaming late bloomer: I had access to games as a kid but the obsession didn’t truly kick in until reaching my teens and early 20’s. Games like Goldeneye and Perfect Dark gave me a taste of how easy (and fun) it could be to get lost in a game world. Later, fixations would develop around the GTA games, Max Payne, and Psychonauts—much to the dismay of girlfriends and college professors.

I’m not a good shot, my kill/death ratio is always embarrassingly skewed towards the “death” side, and I’ve been called an “easy target” (and worse) on XBLA on more than on occasion. On the other hand, though, I like to think I make up for my lack of raw skill by keeping my teammates laughing.

By day, I’m a retail road warrior. By night, I’m working hard with Paul and D.J. to make Video Game Hangover as fun and engaging as inhumanly possible.

Recent Faves: Alan Wake, Enslaved: Odyssey to the West

XBL: randy wrecked


D.J. Ross

I was introduced to Super Mario Bros. at a young age and there’s been no turning back. Since then, I’ve been obsessed with the escapism of virtual worlds and the exploration of what makes good game design, to the extent that I’d spend hours developing imaginary games with friends or sketching whole casts of characters when I should have been paying attention in class.

I love the twitch action of 2D shooters and music games or the depth of a good RPG, but I’ll still indulge in the occasional sandbox game or color-bereft FPS to get my explosion fix.

I think the biggest problem with the game industry today is that there aren’t enough lasers.

Favorite Games: Vagrant Story, Final Fantasy Tactics, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite


Paul Sandhu

It all started with a milk crate and a Pac-Man arcade cabinet. From there it was destiny. As an avid gaming enthusiast since the tender age of 3, my passion for all things gaming related has no bounds. Growing up in the seedy underworld of the arcade scene in the early 90s, I’ve a certain love for fighting games that continues to this day. Fair warning, my Guile is a tough nut to crack.

Things changed in 1994 when I discovered Final Fantasy VI. On that fateful day I realized games could weave an incredible tapestry of emotional storytelling, deep game play, and incredible music. I’ve been hooked on RPGs ever since.

I have no idea what will happen in the year 20XX, but I eagerly wait to see what will transpire.

Favorite Game of All Time: Chrono Trigger

XBL/PSN: dasflikko