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Weekend Hangover: ‘Upgrade potential detected’ edition

It’s Friday! I’m excited (if you couldn’t tell). I’m gonna jam some fancy, futuristic tool into this weekend’s eye socket and extract all the awesome goodness that it has to offer. It feels good to be playing new games and even better to have my new video capture device to play around with and make fun little videos with (Like my Syndicate first impressions video, for example).

In case you missed any of it, this week brought VGH #42 – Comedic Levels of Violence, an awesome Warp figurine giveaway (that ends on Monday), and a new episode of Matt Makes His Wife Play Games. If you missed out on any of those, be sure to check them out and leave us some feedback!

But enough about us, what are you playing this weekend?!? Something new or putting a dent in that backlog? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

Actually, here’s more about us…. here’s what the VGH crew are up to this weekend:

Randy Dickinson (@randy_wrecked): I find that I’m mid-stream on an inordinate number of games right now and the lack of completion is starting to make me twitch. I really like Syndicate but the “Normal” difficulty setting is kicking my ass and the frustration level is making it hard to enjoy for extended periods of time. I’m also working my way through Red Faction: Armageddon, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack and Escape Plan. My goal for the weekend is to actually finish something!

D.J. Ross (@metaly): Considering showing up for the NorCalibur meetup at Gamecenter Arcade. That’s this Saturday. I might try to sneak in a little of the regulars, Battlefield 3 or Monster Hunter, over the rest of the weekend, since I’ve been neglecting them lately.

Paul Sandhu (@spaulsandhu): This weekend I don’t plan on playing any games. Weird I know but I think I might end up spending the weekend studying and just won’t have the time! /cry

Matt Kernan (@mkernan): I’ll be making my way through Syndicate’s campaign, trying out the Gangstas in Space DLC for Saints Row: The Third, and probably also playing a third thing which comes out next week that I’m not supposed to talk about yet.