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VGH #42: Comedic Levels of Violence

VGH #42: Comedic Levels of Violence

It’s been a big week in gaming and this episode of the Video Game Hangover podcast is super-sized to match!

We kick off the show this week with some in-depth analysis of the new single-player and (gasp!) multiplayer demos for Bioware’s upcoming Mass Effect 3. We also dig in to some other recent plays including Shank 2, Rhythm Heaven, and Double Fine’s Happy Action Theater. Boredom also gives Randy the excuse he needed to reconsider Red Faction: Armageddon and…guess what? It’s actually pretty fun!

The heart of this week’s show is our conversation about Sony’s brand-spankin’ new handheld, the PlayStation Vita. Can a dedicated gaming system compete in a world of Androids and iPhones? We don’t care…we just want to play awesome games! Tune in for our impressions of this insanely sexy new piece of hardware along with new Vita games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Little Deviants, Escape Plan, Gravity Rush and more.

We may be super-sized but that just means there’s more to love.

Episode Timeline:
Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:16
Hangover: 7:08
Vita Talk: 48:11
Last Call: 94:10
Outro: 99:05


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This Week’s Music:
Caught Red Handed and Yummy from the Mighty Switch Force soundtrack, composed by Jake Kaufman.

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  1. Matt Kernan
    Matt Kernan February 23, 2012

    Just a quick little correction: in this episode, I mentioned that Shank 2 does not have a local option in the 2-player Survival Mode. It turns out I was wrong, it does indeed support this. You can play locally OR online.

  2. Ferolin
    Ferolin February 29, 2012

    Hey D.J. i like your “Lore in a Minute”-videos with The Gamestation. Are there any plans to do something bigger with TGS? I’m asking this because a 30 minute video with your art by TGS would be as awesome as Chuck Norris riding a dinosaur  in space.

    • metaly
      metaly February 29, 2012

      Thanks, I’m glad you like the videos! Once we’ve done a 1-minute Lore for every video game, we might be able to do a 30-minute one… stay tuned!

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