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Category: Weekend Hangover

Weekend Hangover: Hispanic Superheroes Edition

With Star Wars Day, The Avengers movie, Cinco de Mayo, Free Comic Book Day and a superhero-themed episode of the Video Game Hangover podcast all intersecting this weekend, we suspect gamers and fanboys/girls around the world have no shortage of entertainment options to pass their time.

As if the thought of Scarlett Johannson in a skintight leather bodysuit weren’t enough, the cast and crew here at VGH have found some other worthwhile pursuits for the next three days:

Randy Dickinson (@randy_wrecked): Saturday is Cinco de Mayo! Who’s your favorite Hispanic superhero? Batmanuel is the only one I can think of. If you don’t know who that is, you should definitely add the live-action version of The Tick to your Netflix streaming queue for this weekend.

When I’m not drinking Sangria and gorging myself on tofu tacos this weekend, I’ll most likely try to wrap up Catherine and spend some more time with The Witcher 2. Starhawk is out on Tuesday so I need to clear my gaming slate by then.

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Weekend Hangover: ‘green herb’ edition

I couldn’t think of anything particularly relevant to discuss in today’s Weekend Hangover post, so I just randomly decided to honor Resident Evil’s infamous green herb and its mysterious healing properties. The kind botanical friend first appeared in the original Resident Evil and the series has never managed to shake it since. It’s made a token appearance in every creeper-filled Capcom joint ever since. Any dope will know that you’re bound to take some hits, so it’s critical to take breaks between shot-gunning sessions and apply the herb as needed. If you don’t keep an eye on your health, you could very easily end up cashed. Anyway, don’t forget to share VGH with your buds!

But enough about green herbs. What games are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ll be zoning out to:

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Weekend Hangover: ‘Fez is out!’ edition

Fez is finally out! For a game that’s been in development for around five years and has won a number of awards, it’s kind of a big deal that you can actually download it and play it today. It certainly doesn’t hurt that it appears to be getting really good reviews.

So what are you playing this weekend? Have you picked up Fez? Planning to play something else? Tell us!

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Weekend Hangover: ‘Not at PAX East’ edition

Borderlands 2 at Pax East 2012

PAX East kicks off today!!! …and we’re not there. It’s pretty darn exciting anyway though. Are you at PAX? What are you looking forward to seeing there? If not, what are you looking forward to reading/hearing about from the show? Borderlands 2 is sounding pretty fantastic to me so far (bonus points for the fact that Gearbox is located a mere hour from my house).

Drop us a comment and let us know what you’re looking forward to from PAX, what your game-playing plans for the weekend are, or just tell us anything else that’s on your mind!


Weekend Hangover – ‘Galactic Readiness’ edition

Only four. more. days. Are you ready for Mass Effect 3?

Are you scrambling to rush back through Mass Effect 2 one more time or are you going in fresh? Planning to pick up any of the countless items that come with DLC bundled in?

I hope you’re ready. If not for the game itself, then at least to hear Paul gush about it (or rail against it?!?) on a future episode.

What’s everybody up to this weekend?

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Weekend Hangover: ‘Upgrade potential detected’ edition

It’s Friday! I’m excited (if you couldn’t tell). I’m gonna jam some fancy, futuristic tool into this weekend’s eye socket and extract all the awesome goodness that it has to offer. It feels good to be playing new games and even better to have my new video capture device to play around with and make fun little videos with (Like my Syndicate first impressions video, for example).

In case you missed any of it, this week brought VGH #42 – Comedic Levels of Violence, an awesome Warp figurine giveaway (that ends on Monday), and a new episode of Matt Makes His Wife Play Games. If you missed out on any of those, be sure to check them out and leave us some feedback!

But enough about us, what are you playing this weekend?!? Something new or putting a dent in that backlog? Drop us a comment below and let us know.

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Weekend Hangover: ‘House Party’ edition

Microsoft has kicked off their ‘House Party’ promotion on Xbox Live Arcade this week, with the release of Warp from Trapdoor, Inc. From what I played of the demo, it seemed pretty fun. Check out the video I recorded when I checked it out.

On the Sony front, PlayStation Vitas (and games) are making their way into people’s hot little hands (including Randy’s!), with the ‘first edition’ bundle hitting this week.

Read on for a full rundown of what the VGH crew are planning to play this weekend.

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Weekend Hangover: ‘Kingdoms of Darkness 2: The Shankening’ edition

For the first time in a couple months, a number of us at VGH HQ are actually playing some brand new games (keep an eye out for our impressions in the coming week or two). Things are steadily picking up in terms of new releases during this period that I like to affectionally refer to as “second fall”. It’s always nice to have cool new games to play, even if I know there’s never enough free time (or money!) to actually play them all.

While I’ve got you here, have you listened to VGH #40 and watched the lastest installment of ‘Matt Makes His Wife Play Games’?

What are the VGH crew playing this weekend?

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Weekend Hangover: ‘Superwhat now?’ edition

We’re not exactly sports buffs here at VGH, so that title screen there is about as close to sports coverage as you’re going to get from us. Perhaps some of you will be watching the “big game” this weekend, but most of us will probably be doing something far more productive with our time: playing video games.


Weekend Hangover: ‘Unlock the box’ edition

Starting yesterday, you have the chance to win a Playstation Vita from Taco Bell when you buy a specially-marked $5 box. Sure, a fancy new portable console would be wicked awesome, but how much is your health worth to you? What’s that? It’s worth $300 to you? The same amount as the Vita’s MSRP? Oh, well then by all means, be our guest.

While you’re stuffing your face, why not listen to VGH #38 and watch ‘Matt Makes his Wife Play Games‘?

Enough about video game/fast food promotions, what are the VGH crew playing this weekend?

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Weekend Hangover: ‘VGH’s got playing’ edition

After a seven month-long hiatus, 30 Rock is back! The Office and Parks and Recreation are back too, but it’s only been about month since we last saw those. So, I’ll definitely be making time to watch those. How ’bout you?

Also, don’t forget, it’s Mario Kart 7 game night tonight! Race with VGH at 6 Pacific/9 Eastern! Just add the VGH community: 20-7403-9734-6418.

What are the VGH crew playing this weekend?

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Weekend Hangover: something something 2012 edition


We’re back! 2012 is in full swing, what with our new episode this week and everything. In it, we run down our top 5 favorite games of last year, but we’re also posting our full top ten (or more!) to the site over the next few days. Randy kicked it off today with his top fourteen. Keep an eye on the blog Monday through Wednesday for everyone else’s lists. The only thing we’re missing to really complete this 2012 motif is John Cusack driving a limo away from a wave of destruction.

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Weekend Hangover: ‘All Quiet on the VGH Front’ edition

The End. …..or is it?!?

So, that’s a wrap on “season one” of Video Game Hangover. If you haven’t listened to it yet, head over and check out our year-end, 100% listener feedback special episode. That’s the last full-length episode for 2011, but we’ve got some special VGH minis coming over the next couple of weeks in the podcast feed just for our subscribers. Time permitting, we’ll be tossing up the occasional blog post here and there as well.

What are the VGH crew playing this weekend?

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Weekend Hangover: ‘Making our lists, checking them twice’ edition

Editor’s note: If you’re reading this on Friday or during the day on Saturday, you’ve still got time to fulfill our biggest holiday wish: Send us your feedback for our year-end show!

VGH #33 introduced 2011’s Ultimate VGH Holiday Shopping Guide and as promised on the show, we’ll all be posting expanded versions of our wishlists here on the blog. Randy kicked it off today, so be sure to check out his list if you haven’t already. We’ll be posting the rest next week, so keep an eye out!

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Weekend Hangover: Waiting by the phone edition

VGH operators are standing by to take your call! Well, technically it’s Google Voice and we want you to leave a message, so I guess nothing about that statement was true.

If you haven’t heard, VGH is going to record an entirely listener-centric year-end special. Call 682-999-VGH1 (682-999-8441) and leave us a message with your comments, questions, and discussion topics and we’ll be featuring a bunch on the show! Though we’d love for everyone to leave us voicemail, textual submissions are also welcome.

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