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Matt Makes His Wife Play Games – Rayman Origins

I love games, but my wife doesn’t.

Every now and then, I sit her down, stick a controller in her hand and ask her to play something, hoping that one of these days she’ll change her mind.

Last time we chatted about games, my wife decided that the demo for Rayman Origins was her game of the year for 2011. I finally picked up a copy of the full game, so I decided to make a video of the two of us playing it together.


  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous February 23, 2012

    I can’t believe i sat and watched that entire thing… but you know what even though I think I picked up on some of the mechanics faster than you it was obvious you guys had a good time and more importantly I think I understood this unlike the demo which made no sense. Now that I can see how it works maybe i’ll either a) go back to the demo or b) actually pick up the game.

    • Matt Kernan
      Matt Kernan February 23, 2012

      Yeah, my wife doesn’t play games, so I have to bring the pace down a little bit for her benefit. This longer, talk-while-we-play style video was a bit of a test of sorts. I think next time we’ll probably go back to just having a 5-6 minute talk about a game after she’s played in order to keep the length down.

      In any case, thanks a bunch for watching and for your feedback!

      • Anonymous
        Anonymous February 23, 2012

        at the end of the day it was a good video. it was entertaining and honestly as I said far more informative than I thought it would be. I never intended to watch 20 minutes of you two just playing. If you want to go short go short but you’ll hear no complaints from me.

        Aside from the VGH bar at the bottom sort of obscured some of the instructions at times.

  2. Friendydog
    Friendydog March 2, 2012

    My wife is really picky about her games.  She basically only likes old school Mario titles and Tetris, so I can feel your pain.  It was fun to watch you two play.  I could tell, though, that your wife would never play this game on her own or without your prompting and wooing.  Oh well, couples don’t have to share all their hobbies and interests.  

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