September 22, 2016

VGH #262: You Just Stole My Onions!

Kitchen thievery in Overcooked, naked ninjas being shot out of cannons in Ninja Launcher, and Adam Jensen’s sunglasses. One of those things is not like the other… but to find out you’ll need to listen to this week’s episode! Also: Randy is still (not) dead (hopefully) and we flashback to Flashback: The Quest for Identity.


September 15, 2016

VGH #261: Straight Outta XCOM

D.J. risks prison time playing AM2R, the Metroid II fan remake. Without Randy around, the conversation quickly devolves into Final Fantasy and Star Trek, but it’s mostly because Paul played Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander. Mostly.


September 8, 2016

VGH #260: Almost Live at PAX West 2016

Paul and D.J. report in from the first ever PAX West. Hear about Dragon Quest Builders, The Silver Case, World of Final Fantasy, PAX Game Show Night, and more!


September 1, 2016

VGH #259: Fill Him Full of Juice

D.J. returns to the Deep Dungeon to find a new way to play Final Fantasy XIV, then rolls a healer in popular Internet meme, Overwatch, because maybe there’s more to gaming than killing people. Meanwhile, Randy kills people with zillions of grenades in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided yeahhhh siicckkkkk


August 24, 2016

VGH #258: The Most Baller-Ass Ship in the Universe

Randy continues his new life of intergalactic trading in No Man’s Sky. D.J. watches people play every arcade game at once, then tries to come to terms with the final Final Fantasy. Paul explains how kitchens work.


August 18, 2016

VGH #257: I Shoot My Little Laser

No Man’s Sky is out so we can definitively answer everyone’s remaining questions, like: Are there really 600 trillion planets, or did they just copy/paste the same 3 over and over? How do I shot gun? And which multiplayer mode is best? D.J. goes swimming.


August 11, 2016

VGH #256: Champagne Problems

Randy pops heads off (and back on again) in the 70s sci-fi-vania, Headlander. Paul is still playing only Monster Hunter. And D.J. would have finished Last Window by now if protagonist Kyle Hyde could drag himself out of bed at a reasonable hour.


August 4, 2016

VGH #255: Mob Dude’s Thugs

D.J. emerges from Final Fantasy XIV‘s deep dungeon to talk about its new Deep Dungeon mode. Paul navigates Batman through some jankiness. Randy has questions about Persona 4‘s take on hot social issues. Also: The final round of the Backlog Attack begins!


August 4, 2016

Backlog Attack! August 2016

Backlog Attack!

UPDATE: The Backlog Attack will end at midnight on August 29! (That’s late Sunday/early Monday morning.) Make sure you comment with your final progress before then so we can select a backlog champion!

It’s been a long summer but we’re finally into the last month of 2016’s Backlog Attack. This month, we’re going retro by finally playing some of the oldest games we have sitting around, and that’s the key to becoming the backlog champion for August: Dust off those neglected retro titles, and be rewarded!

Of course, “retro” can mean different things depending on who you ask, so we’re keeping our definition a little flexible. (For instance, on this week’s show we decided to play some Sega 3D Classics, a SNES game, and… Final Fantasy X-2?? Sure!) Just make sure you post the games you’ll be playing in the comments below so we can follow along as usual!

As a reminder, in September we’ll pick a backlog winner from June, July and August to receive prizes, plus one overall backlog champion, who will win the new Fall release of their choice! Even if you haven’t thrown your hat into the ring until now, it’s not too late! You can get the full contest details in June’s post, but basically: make as much progress completing your retro backlog this month, and at the end of the summer you might be lucky enough to hear those fateful words: A WINNER IS YOU!

Remember to follow us on Twitter for more Backlog Attack updates, and listen to the show in case we announce a special backlog challenge.

July 28, 2016

VGH #254: The Telltale Series

In this audio series of dramatic podcasting you’ll find: an in-depth conversation about the new Nintendo NX, an emotionally charged soliloquy about Monster Hunter, some internal dialogue about Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, and even some comments about Ghostbusters!


July 21, 2016

VGH #253: Filthy Man

Pokemon Go? Check. Monster Hunter Generations? Check. Final Fantasy XIV? Check. Dwayne Johnson and Vin Diesel? Check. Yep, sounds like another show from your friends at Video Game Hangover. Also—this should be good—Randy plays Bloodborne.


July 14, 2016

VGH #252: Weiner Dogs Everywhere

We look up from our Pokedexes just long enough to avoid being hit by oncoming traffic and also to discuss the Pokemon Go phenomenon. Also, did we play Resident Evil 7?


July 7, 2016

VGH #251: Cool Game

As seasoned video gamers, we know a little about what makes a cool game. We strive to talk about only the coolest games every week. Like Boxboxboy. That’s cool. Inside? (That’s a game.) Also cool. Eat Lead: The Return of Matt Hazard? Sorry. That’s not a cool game.


July 1, 2016

Backlog Attack! July 2016

Backlog Attack!

The summer Backlog Attack continues as the July round begins! Did you crush your backlog games in June? Keep the momentum going this month to secure your place as Backlog Champion 2016! Didn’t do so well? (Too busy hosting a podcast, maybe?) You can still catch up! A new month means it’s time to put up a new slate of games to complete over the next few weeks!

Returning listeners/players: Once again, just post the games you’ll be playing this month in the comments below! As an additional challenge this month, we want to see your screenshots, whether it’s a classic “THE END” screen, or just photographic proof that you’ve conquered something you’re playing. You can tweet it to us @vghangover, share it with us on on Facebook, link it in the comments below, or just email it to

If you want to get extra creative and earn that extra edge towards July’s prize, make sure to listen to this week’s episode. (And don’t miss July’s upcoming episodes in case Paul comes up with something even more devious.)

Are you new to the Backlog Attack this month? It’s a great time to join in! You can get the full contest details in June’s post, but basically: make as much progress completing your gaming backlog this month for a chance to win prizes at the end of the summer, including the new Fall release of your choice.

June 30, 2016

VGH #250: Wall Chicken

Paul plays Bloodstained and reports on the state of its found cuisine. Randy tries several extremely Japanese games, with mixed results. 13 years later, D.J. is ready to pass judgment on Deus Ex: Invisible War. Meanwhile, nobody played Mighty No. 9.


June 23, 2016

VGH #249: Blips and Bloops Remix

The blips and bloops are back! We take a listen to some of our favorite game music mariachi covers, Groove Coaster remixes, and songs appearing in games that rhyme with “Unsmarted: Jake’s Fmortune.”


June 16, 2016

VGH #248: E3 2016 Extravaganza

This year, at E3: Tom Clancy’s robot dog! Norman Reedus’s weird body! Games about war! Games about burritos! Typography! JRPGs that look like Mass Effect! And the Pacific Northwest, but everywhere!


June 9, 2016


The Backlog Attack kicks off with three (maybe) classics: The World Ends with You, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Last Window. Nevertheless, we find time to sneak in a couple new games, like Steamworld Heist and The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine.


June 8, 2016

Backlog Attack! June 2016

Backlog Attack!

It’s back! Every summer, when the days between new game releases grow longer and longer, we take advantage of all extra time by digging into our backlogs for older games we’ve never gotten around to playing. This year, we’re committing to finishing two old games for each month this summer, and we’re inviting you to play along, too! For the first round, all you have to do is post your own list of unfinished games you want to get through by the end of June. You can put any games you want on the list, but choose wisely: We’ll pick a winner based on who we think has achieved the greatest feat of backloggery. For instance, we’ll be more impressed if you max out every character in Final Fantasy XIII (disclaimer: please don’t play Final Fantasy XIII) than if you watch the end credits roll in the latest incarnation of Tetris.

Once you’ve posted your list, all you need to do is start playing those games! But don’t forget to listen to new episodes of the podcast each week and follow @vghangover on Twitter in case we drop in some bonus backlog challenges.

In the first week of September, we’ll select three monthly winners to receive prizes, and we’ll pick one overall Backlog Champion who will receive the new Fall release game of their choice!*

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line via Twitter, Facebook or email and we’ll be happy to explain any of the rules. We think it’s simple enough, though: play your old games, win a new one! Now get to it and post your list below!

* MSRP $60 (U.S.) or under. If the game you choose isn’t eligible for release date delivery, we’ll send it via the next fastest shipping method.

June 2, 2016

VGH #246: Top Level Foliage

We continue our month-long deep analysis of the infamous Uncharted 4 scene where Nate eats his own brother. D.J. is still stuck in a Final Fantasy XIII hellworld. And the Backlog Attack returns!!