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Weekend Hangover: “We killed SOPA” edition

Hooray, we did it! VGH stopped SOPA and PIPA! Thanks to the extreme pressure that VGH #37 caused on our elected officials, they’ve begun to ease up on plans to vote on the proposed legislation.

I guess Randy’s shower is safe after all. (That joke makes sense once you’ve listened to this week’s show.)

OK, OK…. in all seriousness, this is good news, but people still need to stay vigilant.

I suppose a celebration is in order. What’s everybody playing this weekend in light of this great news?

Randy Dickinson (@randy_wrecked): I’m hoping I can convince my girlfriend to play some Rayman Origins co-op with me. Beyond that, I still have no shortage of interesting games in my backlog that I need to work my way through; El Shaddai and Aliens: Infestation will probably be the first up, if time permits.

D.J. Ross (@metaly): I haven’t had much time for gaming this week, so all bets are off for what I’ll finally end up playing this weekend. One of my guilty pleasures, Star Trek Online, just went free-to-play, so I might log in just to see the swarms of newbie starships flooding the Alpha Quadrant. Also, Battlefield?

Paul Sandhu (@spaulsandhu): This weekend is drunken Trine 2 co-op time! My wizard will be making some maaaad boxes yo!

Matt Kernan (@mkernan): I’ll probably continue my weekly tradition as of late of playing some same-room Saints Row co-op with my friend Taylor. The new CheapyD pack is out, so causing havok with my favorite game deals website proprietor (no offense, Thrifty Nerd) in tow should prove to be fun. I’ve been hearing quite a bit of buzz about the new iOS game Puzzlejuice, so I went ahead and picked it up (it’s on sale for 99 cents!). I also downloaded Hero Academy from Robot Entertainment. I’ll check both of those out at some point this weekend. Other than that, not a whole lot. If I have any extra time, I might try to start up something from my backlog.

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  1. Matt Kernan
    Matt Kernan January 22, 2012

    So, I did get a chance to play some Puzzlejuice. That’s a damn fantastic iOS game! If you’ve got an iOS device, just go ahead and grab it while it’s 99 cents.

    Haven’t really checked out Hero Academy yet much though. I started a game with the illustrious Justin McElroy, but it didn’t last more than a couple of turns. He deleted the app after seeing the ridiculous number of games he’d entered into after posting his username on Twitter.

    True to my word, I also continued my Saturday night Saints Row co-op tradition with my friend and it was a total blast, as usual.

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