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Matt Makes His Wife Play Games – Uncharted 3

I love games, but my wife doesn’t.

Every now and then, I sit her down, stick a controller in her hand and ask her to play something, hoping that one of these days she’ll change her mind.

This time, she tries out the online multiplayer in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception.


  1. Anonymous
    Anonymous January 25, 2012

    Your wife seems resolute in her opinion. She simply doesn’t see the appeal in pretending to be an action movie star. I assume she doesn’t like movies like Die Hard or Lethal Weapon. I feel that is where many people’s love of shooting and “killing” others in video games come from. Playing Uncharted is the closest we’ll get to being Bruce Willis.

    • Matt Kernan
      Matt Kernan January 25, 2012

      That’s a pretty spot-on assessment, actually.

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