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Month: May 2015

VGH #195: Women Beating Down the Door

VGH #195: Women Beating Down the Door

How did you fill the time in your days/nights/weekends before The Witcher III came out?

On this week’s show, Paul and Randy are distracting themselves with Invisible Inc., Klei’s fun-but-stressful new tactical espionage thing. We also dig into a couple of 3DS eShop oddities,  Stretchmo and Adventure Bar Story, and Randy finally delivers his promised update from his Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth playthrough.

We also ruminate on our lifelong struggles to balance gaming with being a productive member of society. It’s harder than it may look from the outside.

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VGH #193: D.J.’s Ghost

VGH #193: D.J.'s Ghost

We regret to inform our listeners that D.J. Ross fell in battle during the great Burrito Wars of Cinco de Mayo 2015. Never forget.

Randy and Paul somehow find the strength to carry on, however, and this week they weigh in on big Suicide Squad news, PC gaming’s big night at E3, and the big new scheme to get gamers off of their big fat asses.

The guys also drown their sorrows in games, including Cities: Skylines, Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth, and Never Alone.