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Community Game Night: Mario Kart 8

Update: Here’s our Google Hangout! Come chat with us during the game!

Mario Kart night is back in honor of the new Animal Crossing DLC and 200cc mode! We’ll be tearing up the new tracks this Friday night. Just add us to your Wii U friends list and you’ll be able to join the VGH lobby. (Make sure to send us a friend request ahead of time because it’s difficult for us to add people once the game starts!) We’ll have a Google Hangout going as well so we can chat during the game. (Check back here later for the link.)

If you don’t have any of the DLC, don’t worry—we’ll be racing on the regular courses too. Just make sure you sign on early to get the latest patch if you haven’t already!

(There’s also a chance we might try out the Splatoon beta at 11pm Eastern, so get that downloaded if you’re interested!)

WHAT: Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U
WHEN: Friday, May 8 @ 10:00pm ET
HOW: Add one of us to your Wii U friends list.

D.J. – metaly
Randy – randy_wrecked

See you on the starting line!