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VGH #135: I Can Smell the River from Here

VGH #135: I Can Smell the River from Here

Can you smell what the River is cooking? Join the VGH crew as they chat about Thief, Weapon Shop de Omasse, and the Final Fantasy XIV endgame. Also: stealth games, year 3 of the 3DS and more!

Episode Timeline:

0:00 – Intro
8:05 – Thief
26:03 – Weapon Shop de Omasse
38:00 – Animal Crossing and Final Fantasy XIV endgame
43:15 – 3rd anniversary of the 3DS
53:40 – Legacy support for old games
59:50 – Outro

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This Week’s Music:
“Track A” (Goony) and “End Credits” (Spelunky) by Eirik Suhrke

Random video of Paul’s cat Simon


  1. Erik
    Erik March 8, 2014

    Great comments on thief. Reviews have been WAY too harsh

  2. panda_sensei
    panda_sensei March 20, 2014

    I have been digging the end music so much I just checked out the link and bought Spelunky. I was seriously dancing in my car to it at the end of every show. Thanks for always finding and sharing awesome music!

    • spaulsandhu
      spaulsandhu March 21, 2014

      That’s Randy and D.J.’s fault, they keep finding incredible music and made it one of our goals from the onset of the podcast to showcase great music on the show. Glad you’re digging it!

    • metaly
      metaly March 24, 2014

      Glad you liked it! If you like the Spelunky soundtrack, check out some of the stuff from Pajjama, which is sort of like Eirik Suhrke’s jam group. I’ve been into them lately:

  3. Courtney Sandhu
    Courtney Sandhu April 4, 2014

    I’m sooo behind but just got to this episode and cannot remain quiet!

    First of all, thanks for the compliment on my AC house decorating skills.

    I don’t play anything except my 3DS anymore, so I wanted to share my top 3 most played!
    1. Animal Crossing New Leaf – 554:43
    2. MH3U 119:57
    3. Fire Emblem Awakening 117:03

    I play AC every day. Sometimes just for a few minutes but it really adds up. I always give myself mini projects to do. And I’m working on badges now which will probably take another year or 2! hah

    I need Randy to teach me the redditz cuz I’m old. Funny, I told him that last night before I heard this episode.

    I’m about to get my master’s from an intense and time consuming program and I have a goal list of things i’m going to do when I’m done (which means I’ll have 2 things I don’t have right now: more time and a paycheck). Along with “getting a maid” and “monthly massage” is “play The Last of Us!” So I hope I can have the time to get back to console games someday. The 3DS has really just been perfect for my hectic schedule the last few years.

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