April 26, 2012

VGH #51: You’re Really Just Playing Pong

We can’t believe that we’ve made 51 episodes already!

On this week’s show, we discuss a whole slew of other gaming-related things that we simply can’t believe: Call of Duty‘s success, the Wii’s dominance, Mass Effect‘s overlooked accomplishment and the possibility of a single-console gaming future.

In the Hangover segment, we explore our love/hate relationships with Disgaea, Radiant Historia, Kinect, Witcher, and Bit.Trip Saga.

Finally, we wrap up with a Last Call that somehow references Kid Icarus, Megan Fox, and collectable fine art pieces.

Episode Timeline:
Intro: 0:00
Hangover: 6:05
We Can’t Believe: 38:00
Last Call: 68:46
Outro: 75:51

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This Week’s Music:
“Main Theme” and “Credits” from Shane Reaction: Zombieland, by Claudio Oliveira.

Bit.Trip Runner soundtrack: CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon
Video Game Geek’s review of Radiant Historia
Kid Icarus AR Card Database for Android phones
Skullgirls shop and Peacock canvas print

  • I can’t believe that Microsoft really succeeded in working their way into the game console market. I remember when it was a first announced I didn’t think there was any room for a competitor to Sony and Nintendo, but as it stands now they’ve outdone the competition in a few areas.

    I also can’t believe the “set top box” console has become a reality. 10 years ago I didn’t think there was any way I’d be using my consoles for anything other than gaming, and now here I am streaming Netflix, listening to last.fm, and watching cable TV.

    P.S. Congrats on the all-important 51st episode milestone!

  • Erik Kubik

    Very interesting that PS3/360 were so close and yet both of them were smoked by the Wii. I guarantee, in fact I would bet money Nintendo won’t have that kind of success with the Wii U. Great show guys.

    A couple of questions, what do you guys think the Wii U will cost? Also what will gamers remember about this generation, RROD, the hacking of PSN/XBL, the use of consoles for things outside of gaming? 

  • thewolfkin

    “You’re Really Just Playing Pong” reminds me of when we studied genre in Film Studies for non-majors last semester. At one point it was established that all films could fall into two categories. The Kiss and The Chase. I assume you are making a similar argument here with gaming and Pong.

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