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Weekend Hangover: ‘green herb’ edition

I couldn’t think of anything particularly relevant to discuss in today’s Weekend Hangover post, so I just randomly decided to honor Resident Evil’s infamous green herb and its mysterious healing properties. The kind botanical friend first appeared in the original Resident Evil and the series has never managed to shake it since. It’s made a token appearance in every creeper-filled Capcom joint ever since. Any dope will know that you’re bound to take some hits, so it’s critical to take breaks between shot-gunning sessions and apply the herb as needed. If you don’t keep an eye on your health, you could very easily end up cashed. Anyway, don’t forget to share VGH with your buds!

But enough about green herbs. What games are you playing this weekend? Here’s what we’ll be zoning out to:

Randy Dickinson (@randy_wrecked): I had access to a nearly-free copy of Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention for the Vita and, despite warnings from people on Twitter who apparently know my gaming tastes better than I do, decided to pick it up. I’ll be giving it a whirl this weekend.

Also: have I mentioned that Saturday is Record Store Day? Support your local music snobs/stores!

D.J. Ross (@metaly): After getting over the hurdles (both figurative and literal) I was experiencing in Bit.Trip Runner (as I mentioned on this week’s episode), I’ll be spending more time with the rest of the games in Bit.Trip Saga. Also, in spite a few dubious design decisions, Runner ended up winning me over in a big way, so I might even spring for the HD version on Steam to see how it compares. (You know a game must be special when, rather than simply starting a second playthrough, you end up buying a second version of it.)

The Diablo III beta is also open to everyone this weekend, but at this point I think I can wait for the full game. Besides, at some point I have to play Mass Effect 3.

Matt Kernan (@mkernan): With Mass Effect 3 completed (I loved it!), I’m planning to focus some time on Fez and Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Whenever I’ve got just a few minutes to spare, I’ll probably jam through a couple levels in StarDrone Extreme.

I’m also having some friends (and their kids) over to play Kinect Rush, a Pixar-themed joint. Not really my cup of tea, but I got it for free via a House Party promotion. We’ll probably let the kids monkey around with it a bit but ultimately switch to playing other, more entertaining games.

Paul Sandhu (@spaulsandhu): Apparently I’m playing Kinect games at Matt’s house this weekend? When/how/where did this happen? O_o