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VGH #126: No Touching!

VGH #126: No Touching!

It’s our annual Hungover Hangover special! Join us for a special extended episode where we take your tweets, emails, and voice messages! Thank you for your support, and boy are you in for a doozy.

Episode Timeline:
Over 2 hours of drunken drunkeness!

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This Week’s Music:
“Sheston” and “Skello” from the Stealth Bastard original soundtrack by Ricky Honmong

Randy plays The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct – Listener Leighzerbeam’s blog on LEGOs, Animal Crossing and more
Final Fantasy VI opening (BONUS: O.G. SNES VERSION!!!!)
Dinosaur erotica
Greatest American Hero theme song


  1. Starkwhite
    Starkwhite December 21, 2013

    Good show! I am upset I forgot to comment on the show. To
    make up, if you read this on air, please recreate last week’s setting by taking
    a shot, shot gunning a beer, then playing a game of Edward forty hands before
    you continue reading.

    One week I heard D.J. say he was in the design field. I was
    wondering what discipline of design he was in. I am currently getting a Master
    of Industrial Design at ASU. So, as an Industrial Designer, I thought Sony did
    a great job with the PlayStation 4. Teague, the company that designed the first
    Xbox, ripped Sony on the design because the controller, system, and camera did
    not follow the same design language. I understand their point, but they
    designed a controller that everyone hated (The first Xbox controller).

    I bought a PlayStation 4 to sell, because it was my one plan
    to make money for Grad school, but it was sitting in my room, and I could not
    resist. So, no Brazilian Butt Lift. L

    Randy said this week that he thinks the listeners of the
    show do not take them too seriously, but I think he is wrong because I take
    myself incredibly seriously. Pizza!

  2. StrandedBrit
    StrandedBrit December 27, 2013

    Great show guys! Season 3 lived up to the hype.

    Why is it most people associate British accents with ‘the queen’s english’? Kinda curious, because if you look at prominent british actors like Jason Statham, Jude Law, Michael Caine and Gary Oldman all of them have wildly various accents. Anyway …..

  3. Ellie Snow
    Ellie Snow December 29, 2013

    Wow, coolest ep ever!! You guys had me laughing and hearing my own voice didn’t make me as bashful as I might have thought. I totally appreciated the shout out. ^_^. Oh and I forgot to tell you, the music in the last ep was great. My ears are being exposed to things its never heard before and I like it. ;D

    • metaly
      metaly December 30, 2013

      Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for calling in!

  4. Trace Dixon
    Trace Dixon December 30, 2013

    Hello VGH crew,

    I need to ask you guys for some advice. I just got my first PS3 for Christmas which included The Last of Us and Batman Arkham Origins. The first thing that I did was play through TLOU, and wow what a game! So my question is this. I want to make up for the last 6 years of great Playstation exclusives that I have missed. I went out and picked up Little Big Planet, Uncharted 2 and Metal Gear Solid 4. What games would you say are must plays for my Playstation catch-up quest? Thanks in advance and keep up the great work on the show!


    • Matt Kernan
      Matt Kernan December 30, 2013

      I think you hit most of the must-plays, but I might add Heavy Rain too. It has its issues, but I think it’s an important game.

      I’d also add these PSN downloadable exclusives: Journey, Flower, Guacamelee!, Super Stardust HD, The Unfinished Swan, PixelJunk Shooter

    • metaly
      metaly December 30, 2013

      I’d recommend Tokyo Jungle for something offbeat, and if you’re into RPGs, Valkyria Chronicles is excellent.

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