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At least it's not Nicolas Cage.

Every weekend, the VGH crew answers a few follow-up questions from that week’s episode, then turns the floor over to you! This is VGHomework.

Q: What do you think of the Ouya? Is an open, Android-based box worth your hundred dollars?

Matt (@mkernan): I think the idea is interesting, if not all that compelling. The hardware specs are going to be a bit limited, so I kind of don’t see how the Ouya would be any better than hooking an iOS or Android tablet or phone to a television. Personally, I’d just like to see Apple add apps to the AppleTV and maybe even release some sort of controller. Ultimately, I think the Ouya is a novelty that people find intriguing, but will end up not really making much of a splash in the grand scheme of things.

Q: How long do you stick with a game after you’ve beaten it? Do you start it over, get rid of it, or do something else entirely?

D.J. (@metaly): Even if it’s a game I’m really into, I usually won’t start it over but I’ll go back and try to wrap up some of the sidequests or see content I missed on my way to the end. With longer term games like the Battlefield series and, of course, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (which I still haven’t even technically finished), I’ll try playing as a different class or using a different weapon to mix things up. I love it when games are able to add replay value via gameplay breadth instead of just grinding out another prestige rank.

Q: What game will you never get bored of, no matter how much you play it?

Paul (@spaulsandhu): Great question. Chrono Trigger. There isn’t a single game in history that I’ve completed more often than Chrono Trigger!

Q: Which video game character should Nicolas Cage play?

Matt: I’d like to see him play himself as the lead character in a self-referential action/adventure game.

Paul: Nathan Drake in Uncharted 4. Take that Randy!

D.J.: I’d really like to see him play every game character eventually, but I’d probably start with toon Link from Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker.

Should Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo be worried about the Ouya? Do Diablo players really need more reason to spend hundreds more hours clicking on loot? And what is up with Nicolas Cage? Somebody please explain it to us in the comments!


  1. Pastry
    Pastry July 27, 2012

    I’d really love to see a video game that takes the “Nicolas Cage is everyone” meme and uses it as a design element. It would probably be a puzzle game.

  2. smthng
    smthng July 27, 2012

    1) Ouya – If it had expandable memory, yes. Honestly, I’d probably use it more for streaming movies to replace my HTPC, but I think it might be a bit underpowered for that. I’ll probably pass. 2) How long after a beating – If I beat a game, I’m generally “done”. In spite of that, I keep them for as long as I have the console… I don’t know why. 3) Never bored of – Jeanne D’Arc. Other than it being an awesome RPG that’s not too deep, I don’t know why. 4) Mr Cage – Err… By “play”, I can only assume you mean “act”. With that in mind, he might make a decent que ball in Hustle Kings.

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