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VGH #63: Take His Face/Off

VGH #63: Take His Face/Off

What Summer lull? This week, we’re talking about the crazy new Ouya console and the Diablo III endgame controversy. We also recast the upcoming Superman movie and report on our time with Tribes: Ascend, Quantum Conundrum, and Mighty Switch Force.

Episode Timeline:
Intro: 0:00
Hangover/Backlog: 2:43
Ouya: 31:50
Diablo III: 49:25
Last Call: 62:00
Outro: 70:00

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This Week’s Music:
“Dark Flute” and “Army of Assholes” from Sword & Sworcery LP and Indie Game: The Movie, by Jim Guthrie (Bandcamp, iTunes).

Ouya Kickstarter
IGN on the Diablo III endgame controversy
Order the Uncharted trade paperback comic from Amazon


  1. Pete
    Pete July 27, 2012

    You guys seem to be down on Ouya because it has only 1GB of RAM – you realize that’s double what the 360 and PS3 have?

  2. StrandedBrit
    StrandedBrit August 1, 2012

    Well the specs are somewhat similar to the PSVita. So theoretically you should be able to get games that are similar to current gen games.

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