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Summer Backlog Attack 2013

Summer Backlog Attack 2013: Week 3

Even though we’re already three weeks into the Summer Backlog Attack, it just didn’t feel official without the big board. So here it is! As you can see, we’re off to an ominous start with only one out of 17 games complete so far, but look for a week four update on this week’s show.

Also coming up this week, we’ll have a special announcement for any listeners who have backlogs of their own. If you’ve got a pile of unplayed games you’ve been sitting on and some time to kill this summer, you’ll definitely want to tune in!

If this whole “backlog” thing is confusing to you, just listen to the kick-off in episode 105 for an explanation.

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  1. Jeb Adams
    Jeb Adams August 7, 2013

    I took down PROFESSOR LAYTON AND THE INCREDIBLY LONG TITLE on the 3DS with about 120 of 135 puzzles done. In earlier Laytons, didn’t we get access to all the puzzles at the end if you went to Granny’s house? Not so here. I was invited me to walk all over the place clicking on everything to find them. Not going to happen.

    Finished LITTLE INFERNO, which goes to a weeeeeird place. probably about 80/99 combos done there.

    Started in on SWORCERY, but have to wait for a lunar shift. #idonteven

    About ten missions in on HOTLINE:MIAMI, but might have to shelve it if I don’t get my Hori Fightpad to work on my Mac–the WASD controls are shit in this game.

    …and ARKHAM CITY. Still all there in the Xbox. Yep.

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