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Get your voice heard on the VGH year end special!

So much love

The end of the year is rapidly approaching and we’re preparing a special episode to wrap up the first season of Video Game Hangover, but we want your help! We love hearing your responses to our weekly topics, and for this episode we’ll be reading and responding to listener questions and comments throughout the show. If you have a question or topic you want discussed on the air, now’s your chance to send it in. Want to know who’s Paul’s second-favorite Canadian game developer? Is all that metal in Randy’s face for real? We’ll be answering anything (within reason), so feel free to get creative.

There are a few ways to submit your question or comment. If you want to actually be played on the air, you can leave us a Google Voice message by calling 682-999-VGH1 (682-999-8441). (Long distance charges may apply.) If you don’t need to be heard or just don’t feel like calling, you can always message us on Twitter (@vghangover), send an email to, or just leave your questions in the comments below.

Whatever method you choose, make sure to send your message by the morning of this Saturday, December 10th to ensure we’ll receive it in time.

Thanks to all our listeners for all your support this year, and we can’t wait to hear from you!


  1. StrandedBrit
    StrandedBrit December 8, 2011

    To DJ – What’s the best gaming food, also what’s the best mobile gaming food. (Don’t say gourmet steak.)

    Paul – How do live in this foreign land and still have such an upbeat attitude. WHAT”S THE SECRET!?

    Randy – Why haven’t we played R&C A4O yet!!!!


  2. freakyzeeky
    freakyzeeky December 8, 2011

    I finally bought R&C:A4O a couple of weeks ago. Once I finish with Skyrim (won’t be too long now, almost done!), I’d be up for some A4O co-op too!

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