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VGH #32: Done Busy Being Dead

VGH #32: Done Busy Being Dead

The crew discuss the new Zelda, waggle, and other unusual control schemes that they’ve both loved and hated. Paul goes the entire episode without hating on the Wii. We’ve also got your Viewer Mail, Saints Row: The Third, and yes, more Skyrim.

Episode Timeline:

Intro: 0:00
Viewer Mail: 2:20
Special Announcement: 6:08
Hangover: 8:58
Unusual Controls: 32:04
Last Call: 68:58
Outro: 74:28


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This Week’s Music:
“A Box from the 80s” and “Subimago” from the album BIAS, by Minusbaby.


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  1. StrandedBrit
    StrandedBrit December 1, 2011

    Yes! Time Crisis was da bomb!

    DDR was pretty awesome in the arcade, especially watching pros going at it.

    Anyone remember Sonic Blastman?

    Also, no Virtual On mention? ;(

    • D.J. Ross
      D.J. Ross December 1, 2011

      Dude Sonic Blastman was insane. That must have been the easiest game ever to design.

  2. Matt Kernan
    Matt Kernan December 1, 2011

    Virtual On! Yeah, that did actually come to my mind, but I am not well-informed enough about it to speak intelligently about it really. But, that twin stick / tank-style control scheme definitely came to my mind.

  3. Piel
    Piel December 2, 2011

    The creator from Shadow of the Colossus said that the control were a little bit clunky (having to hold R1 all the time while climbing) just to convey the feeling of exhaustion. Like you guys said about Heavy Rain. This is something the developers need to explore more.

    Katamari Damacy was one game that had a weird mechanic that blew my mind at the time. I know using only the two sticks had happened before, but Katamari was the first one that I played to use only that.

    • Paul Sandhu
      Paul Sandhu December 2, 2011

      It’s funny that you mention Katamari Damacy, Piel. Immediately after recording Episode 32 my wife asked me if I talked about Katamari at all and of course, I did not, d’oh.

      Interesting information about SotC, I had no idea that was done on purpose. I always appreciate when developers try and take every small detail into consideration, nice stuff.

  4. MixedRage
    MixedRage December 5, 2011

    I was wondering if you guys had heard of the Razer Hydra. It was a little sphere with wiimote like controls but was used for PC games. It was usable with Portal two with actual 3D controls (pushing and pulling blocks) and then vanished. Look it up peeps.

    Love what you guys are doing, keep up the great work, expect to hear from me for the voice mail episode.

    Your Loyal Fan,

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