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VGH #2.5: We’ve Got a PlayStation Emergency!


In this brief “emergency” episode of VGH, the crew discuss the recently announced Sony NGP (a.k.a. “not the PSP2”) and the PlayStation Suite.  Paul also resists the urge to make Ridge Racer and Giant Enemy Crab jokes.

This week’s music:
“SEARCHING”, by Eric Skiff (
“COME AND FIND ME”, by Eric Skiff (

Links and sources:
PlayStation Blog’s post with all the gory tech specs
Sony CEO Jack Tretton’s official NGP reveal post, with info on PlayStation Suite
Sony’s Flickr gallery of shiny NGP shots
Kotaku compares the size of the NGP to other handhelds
List of publishers and developers working on NGP projects
An Error?

We speculated in the show that Sony might offer contracts or some kind of subscription model for 3G connectivity on the NGP. They’ve since confirmed that 3G access will cost extra, and there will even be multiple versions of the NGP, with and without 3G capabilities. (This update concludes VGH’s “Breaking News” coverage for the year.)


  1. freakyzeeky
    freakyzeeky January 28, 2011

    OMG, OLED screen technology is a huge deal for gamers: Pixels are REALLY tiny, making for a really sharp picture, there’s virtually no motion blur, contrast ratio is outstanding, producing excellent black/white levels, it saves a ton of battery life, compared to an LCD screen, and since it’s also a capacitive touchscreen, it should be super-responsive!
    Games like going to look amazing on the PSP2/NGP/PS360, watch… 😀

    • Paul Sandhu
      Paul Sandhu January 28, 2011

      You’re hired! Congrats, you are now officially our official expert on OLED screens for the PS360!

  2. SBizzle
    SBizzle January 28, 2011

    This thing is a beast. Quad core!? Based on specs alone it should be twice the price of a 3DS. Hopefully Sony doesn’t pull a PS3 on this one.

    Still there’s so much potential here. Gaming console, retro console, movies, music, comics, ebooks?, social networks? android class internet browser? AIM !!!!!

    PSP GO does have 16GB internal storage. (Randy confirmed)

    Also, with the dual sticks the NGP/PSP2 you’ll literally be able to mimic a dual shock completely. Speaking of which, why couldn’t you have PS3 and NGP/PSP2 online cross play!

    Keep up the good work! Oh and this should be weekly.

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