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Our Reviews Philosophy

1) We’re fans. We often pay for the games we review, unless otherwise stated in the summary section.

2) We try our best to be as honest and objective in our reviews as possible.

3) We believe that a 5-point scoring system with no half-point scores forces us to be more critical about the score we ultimately assign to a game.

4) We feel that the words we write about the game are far more important than score itself.

5) When we review a game, we try to consider the context within which the game resides. We won’t necessarily hold an indie game made by 2 guys to the same level of expectation we would a triple-A title produced by a team of 200. Each of us also has our own tastes and opinions as well. Bearing that in mind, you shouldn’t always assume that game X is a “better” game than game Y simply because we scored one higher than the other. We’re not so much reviewing the game as a product, but rather our experience with the game.

The VGH Review Scale

In our reviews, we rate our overall experience with the game, not the game as a product. The words we write explain what we liked and didn’t like about our experience with a game, but we also assign a final score that summarizes how we felt. Here’s the scale we use to break down our score:

1 out of 5You’ll want to avoid this game. Few, if any, redeeming qualities.

2 out of 5Heavily flawed and will probably only appeal to enthusiasts, if at all.

3 out of 5A solid title that’s entertaining, although not amazing. Better than most games out there.

4 out of 5

Definitely check this title out, especially if you like the genre. We would easily recommend it to a friend.

5 out of 5

The best of the best. The more people that play this game, the better off the world will be. The strongest endorsement we can give.

Last updated 12/14/2011