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VGH @ #ExtraLife 2021

Extra Life
For the 8th year in a row, we’re participating in the Extra Life gaming marathon for charity! We’ll be raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals by playing games all day on Saturday, November 6. We hope you’ll tune into our livestream, cheer us on, and pledge your support for our team by donating a few dollars toward our fundraising goal. Any amount is appreciated! You can contribute here:

Even if you’re unable to donate, we hope you’ll follow our progress on the stream and join us for some multiplayer games.

Stream highlights (full schedule TBA and subject to change):

(all times Eastern)
7:00 AM – Stream start! Slay the Spire daily challenge
8:00 AM – Boyfriend Dungeon
9:30 AM – Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Randy’s island
10:30 AM – Inscryption
11:30 AM – The Wild at Heart
Noon – Spelunky 2 daily challenge 11/6
1:00 PM – Retro block: Super Metroid
2:00 PM – VGH Co-op: It Takes Two/We Were Here Together
6:00 PM – Back 4 Blood
7:00 PM – Animal Crossing: New Horizons: D.J.’s island
9:00 PM – SWERY’s The Good Life
1:00 AM – Spooky block: Evil Tonight
5:00 AM – Finale: Spelunky 2 daily challenge 11/7

Also featured on the stream:

Lost Ark
…and more!

How to find us:

Main VGH Stream:
The VGH stream will be live all day with whoever’s playing at the time!



As always, follow @vghangover on Twitter and join our Discord server for updates!

Join the VGH Extra Life team!

Are you interested in participating in Extra Life, or have you already signed up and are looking for a team to join? Join team VGH by heading to our team page and clicking JOIN OUR TEAM at the top!