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VGH #434: Active Time Bubble

We played Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo and have some thoughts. But don’t worry, there’s also: Florence! PC Building Simulator! And, of course, Good Pizza, Great Pizza!

  • Things Discussed

    Things Discussed:
    Final Fantasy VII Remake, Florence, Good Pizza, Great Pizza, PC Building Simulator, Slay the Spire

Episode Timeline:
(0:29) – Intro/Slay the Spire
(7:33) – Final Fantasy VII Remake
(35:28) – PC Building Simulator
(43:23) – Florence
(52:28) – Good Pizza, Great Pizza
(1:06:39) – Outro

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“Attract Sequence” and “Fox Coat” by desk. Get the original albums Funcy and Capacity on Bandcamp.

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