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Community Game Night: Mario Kart 8

Game Night

Update: Here’s the Google Hangout we’re using for chat!

Weren’t able to kart with us last time? You’re in luck—we’re playing Mario Kart 8 again this Saturday night! We’re forgoing the tournament room and using a private lobby, so make sure you add one of us to your Wii U friends list before the races begin—it’s harder for us to add you once we’re all online!

As usual, we’ll have a Google Hangout going, since we’re not satisfied with leaving our trash talk in the lobby.

WHAT: Mario Kart 8 on the Wii U
WHEN: Saturday, July 12 @ 9:30pm ET
HOW: Add one of us to your Wii U friends list:

D.J. – metaly
Paul – dasflikko

See you on the starting line!