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Summer Backlog Attack: Week 5

Summer Backlog Attack Week 5

We made more backlog progress this week: I started up Suda51/Shinji Mikami/Akira Yamaoka’s Shadows of the Damned and Paul ventured into the oft-overlookd Spec Ops: The Line. Also, Randy’s moved on from Mindjack to Resident Evil: Revelations. How long will he be able to put up with the controls without the help of the 3DS boat!? Tune in next week to find out.

We featured a few of your backlog lists on this week’s show. Specifically, you should take a look at DontJudgeMyADD’s Backlog Attack microblog, which he’s keeping updated constantly. You can also follow Jeb Adams on the Backloggery. If you’re in the running, make sure you listen to this week’s show for the weekly challenge!