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VGH #50: The Enhanced Edition

VGH #50: The Enhanced Edition


Our 50th episode! How freakin’ crazy is that?

Can a game be good without a strong narrative? Inspired by the effusive reviews that The Witcher 2 has been receiving, we’re dedicating this week’s discussion to the importance of story in video games.

In the Hangover, we’ve been playing Fez, Bit.Trip Saga, Driver: San Francisco, and more.

We wrap up the show with Last Call and talk of Record Store Day, the day before Record Store Day, and advice for indie game developers on how to graciously accept praise for their creations.

Be sure to get your voice heard on our monumental 51st episode! Leave us a message at or just call us at 682-999-VGH1. What’s your most memorable video game hangover? What should we talk about on the show? Give us a call and chime in.

Episode Timeline:
Intro: 0:00
Hangover: 4:12
Story in Games: 31:52
Last Call: 67:20
Outro: 74:20

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This Week’s Music:
“Main Theme” and “Credits” from Shane Reaction: Zombieland, by Claudio Oliveira.

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  1. Herman Scott
    Herman Scott April 23, 2012

    Ninja gaiden 2 was a story i didnt care about. The weapons and all the blood flying every where as i cut heads, arms and legs was the only thing i was immersed in  while playing the game. From fighting lycan werewolves in crowd filled colliseums to fighting giant demons on the top of the statue of liberty, i just didn’t give a shit where the story was going as long as i cutting somebody or something.

    • randy_wrecked
      randy_wrecked April 24, 2012

       Thanks for chiming in, Herman. I’ve never played a Ninja Gaiden game before but the “werewolves and demons” thing sounds pretty badass!

  2. Erik Kubik
    Erik Kubik April 24, 2012

    Nice Episode guys….I demand more Yoda also did any of you pick up Prototype 2?

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