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New Alan Wake, new Bioware game to be unveiled at 2011 Spike VGAs

First things first: I do not like the Spike Video Game Awards. I think they are a bombastic, overblown, and ridiculously over-hyped display of most, if not all, of the things I like least about gaming and gamers.

But… those sweet, sweet EXCLUSIVES!!!!

In an announcement today, Spike revealed some of the first details about what would be on display during this year’s show. Hideo Kojima will be on hand to dole out more info on Metal Gear Solid: Rising, which apparently still exists. An “all-new adventure” featuring Alan Wake will also be announced, but without a title, it’s difficult to guess whether it’ll be a full-on sequel or not. Lastly, and probably most exciting to the VGH crew, Bioware will be announcing “a new project and new studio”. I’m sure we’ll be hearing about even more WORLD PREMIERES in the weeks leading up to the VGAs December 10th air date.

Oh, also, they hired Mark Burnett to produce the whole shebang. For some odd reason, they even felt compelled to use that as the headline of their story, as if gamers care that the Survivor guy is producing the show.

Source: Spike TV