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VGH #14: Top Shelf, Very Classy

VGH #14: Top Shelf, Very Classy

Why can’t we have nice things? Critics loved some of June’s big new releases but gamers were mostly indifferent. In this week’s show, the VGH crew weighs in on this disturbing–but not terribly surprising–trend.


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Episode Timeline:
Intro: 0:47
Hangover: 3:15
Great games, poor sales: 28:02
Last Call: 65:00
Outro: 71:00
???: ???

This Week’s Music:
“Vector Sum” and “Tangent to Your Curve” by Brother Android (Bandcamp page)

VGHangover on Youtube – Catch clips from past episodes and listen to embarassing outtakes!
Cordy – 2D/3D platforming game for Android by SilverTree Media
Download for free on the Android Market
Glorius Bastard #1: A Duke Nukem Comic — Come get some!!!


  1. Erik Kubik
    Erik Kubik July 22, 2011

    Great show guys! I think one of the reasons Duke sold so well is because people has been waiting years to purchase it.

  2. StrandedBrit
    StrandedBrit July 24, 2011

    I feel the same on LA Noire. I can’t stand the action scenes but the story, characters, situations keep me grudgingly coming back.

    As far as the whole good games/flops vs meh games/$$$ …. well I guess it’s just like the movie/music industry right?! Hyped flash sells. Also, Randy puts it as smart gamers don’t buy good games ….. that’s a crock. Smart gamers do buy good games, it’s just that the other dumb ass 98% of the gamer population doesn’t.

    BTW on a personal note, I love the weekly thing now running 60-70 mins. Makes it a lot easier to catchup on each show.

    Also, you guys should use game difficulty as a topic. I ranted the other day on G+ about the lack of standard for difficulty and how one games easy is another games super hardcore I’m gonna beat you like your momma.

    K, I’m going back to my sandwich.

    • Randy Dickinson
      Randy Dickinson July 26, 2011

      Thanks for the feedback, Brit! It’s important to us that the show is “easy to consume”, so we’ve made some changes to do weekly shows and to keep them right around an hour or so. Glad you approve.

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