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Tag: We Happy Few

VGH #368: A Horrible Night to Have a Curse

We’re taking a quick break from our 24 hours of Extra Life to tell you about some of the games we played, like Tetris Effect, We Happy Few, Business Clicker, Castlevania II, and… Guilty Summer Kiss 2: Bloody Secret? OK, sure.

  • Things Discussed

    Things Discussed:
    Business Clicker, Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, Extra Life, Extra Life 2018, Guilty Summer Kiss 2: Bloody Secret, Monster Hunter World, Murder Mystery Adventure, Tetris Effect, We Happy Few

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VGH #185: PAX East 2015

VGH #185: PAX East 2015

Just how far is one man willing to go to attend PAX East? When traveling through a late winter snowstorm by train, the correct answer is “approximately 400 miles”. Join Randy (and VGH Community Contributor Chris Gregory) this week as he checks in from the frozen wasteland that once was Boston, MA, with thoughts on Splatoon, Steamworld Heist, We Happy Few, Just Cause 3, Invisible Inc., and more – including a full report on the 100% Smash Mouth-less Cards Against Humanity panel.