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Tag: Half-Minute Hero

VGH #106: Community Grooming

VGH #106: Community Grooming

It’s tougher than ever to fit lengthy gaming experiences into our crowded schedules. We discuss what we do when faced with the 60-odd-hour JRPG, whether it’s the developers that should be more considerate, and what’s truly important for us to get out of our precious gaming time.

In the Hangover, Randy selflessly throws himself on top of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct, D.J. saves the world many times in Half Minute Hero, and Paul… well, Paul’s still doing his Animal Crossing thing.

Also, we reveal the most shameful games in your backlogs in Viewer Mail!

Special thanks to listener DontJudgeMyADD for suggesting this week’s topic by way of his article, “Gamers need more choices to scale game experiences.”