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Author: Cesar Gutierrez

RetroN 5 review: What it means to have a plethora

Review: RetroN 5

VGH contributor and retro game aficionado Cesar Gutierrez finally got his hands on the latest of Hyperkin’s retro consoles. How does it compare with the real thing?

Do you have retro video games you want to play, but no longer own the console to play them on? Even if you do own it, don’t you wish your games looked better on your high-definition television? Many of these televisions lack the composite inputs needed to use these older consoles, and the ones that do have them will often process those signals poorly, making your games look blurry, with muted colors that are generally not pleasant to look at. Hyperkin aims to address these problems with the latest iteration of their line of RetroN consoles, the RetroN 5. With HDMI output as the basis for conveniently connecting ten different consoles to an HDTV, is the RetroN 5 worth buying?

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