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VGH #577: Yoko Shimomura VGM Radio

While Randy is away on a secret mission, D.J. hijacks the show with a playlist of classic tracks from Live A Live‘s Yoko Shimomura.

You can download this episode directly here.

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This Week’s Music:

Live A Live

  2. Secret Mission
  3. Sound of Shinobi
  4. Nice Weather, Ain’t It!
  5. Wait for Truth
  6. A Painful Death at the Hands of a Psycho!!

Front Mission

  1. Elegie
  2. Canyon Crow
  3. Coaxial Town
  4. The Evils of War
  5. Manifold Irons
  6. Shallow Twilight

Legend of Mana

  1. The Wind Sings of a Journey
  2. Pain the Universe

The 3rd Birthday

  1. Brea the Brave

Parasite Eve

  1. Out of Phase
  2. Urban Noise
  3. Wheel of Fortune

Kingdom Hearts II

  1. Space Paranoids
  2. Byte Bashing

Super Mario RPG

  1. Going Shopping in Ripple Town
  2. Fight Against Crystaller
  3. Beware the Forest’s Mushrooms

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U

  1. Tetris: Type A

Street Fighter II

  1. Staff Roll

All tracks composed and arranged by Yoko Shimomura except 22 (composed by Nobuo Uematsu) and 24 (traditional).