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VGH #566: Don’t Get Lost at the Mall

We survived our biggest Extra Life marathon yet thanks to the support and generosity of you, the listener! Now, hear about all the games we played, including Trombone Champ, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, From Space, and more!

  • Things Discussed

    Things Discussed:
    Extra Life 2022, From Space, Kirby and the Forgotten Land, Slay the Spire, Spelunky, Spelunky 2, Splatoon 3, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, Trombone Champ

Episode Timeline:
(0:00) – Intro/Extra Life wrap-up
(18:24) – Slay the Spire/Spelunky dailies
(28:10) – Star Trek: Bridge Crew
(37:25) – From Space
(44:45) – Trombone Champ
(52:50) – Kirby and the Forgotten Land
(58:04) – Splatoon 3
(1:03:44) – Outro

You can download this episode directly here.

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    Connect and Interact:
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This Week’s Music:
“Olivia (Farm)” from the Super Chicken Jumper Original Soundtrack and “Zapping Your Way Back Home” from the Comeback Original Soundtrack by Saria Lemes. Get both albums and more at

Extra Life 2022:
You can still support our Extra Life team through December 31! Get all the info here.