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Drunktacular 2021 Live: Send us your burning questions!

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Leave us a voicemail with your question or comment*:


If youuuu can believe it, we’re nearing the end of 2021. That can only mean one thing… our season finale is coming up, and we need your help! As per VGH tradition, we spend our last show of the year taking your listener calls and questions and trying to answer them coherently while enjoying some adult beverages.

You can ask us anything, gaming-related or not, so this is your chance to find out everything you’ve always wanted to know. Which of Randy’s Animal Crossing neighbors did he trade away for his PS5? Which numbered grid space in Dungeon Encounters gets D.J. all hot and bothered? (And no, it’s not that one.) You’ll never know the answers if you don’t ask!

There are a few ways to submit your question. First, you can leave us a voice message by calling* 682-999-VGH1 (682-999-8441). You can also email an audio file to If you don’t need to be heard, just tweet us @vghangover, ask us in our Discord, or just leave your questions in the comments below this post.

Just be sure to send your message in by the end of Thursday, December 9 to ensure we receive it in time. Again, ask whatever you like, but please keep it to 60 seconds or less so we have time to include everyone’s calls.

Help us give 2021 a fitting send-off, VGH-style! Call in with your questions today!

Don’t miss the live recording!

Check out on Friday, December 10 at 9 PM Eastern/6PM Pacific to watch us record the episode live! Is this a good idea? Maybe!

*Long distance charges may apply.