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VGH #513: One Perfect Cube

Despite some disturbing news out of the Nintendo Direct, D.J. miraculously manages to enjoy Actraiser Renaissance. Also, after months of struggle, Randy finally gets his hands on Astro’s Playroom. Hironobu Sakaguchi guest stars.

  • Things Discussed

    Things Discussed:
    a crisp rat, ActRaiser, Actraiser Renaissance, Apple TV, Fantasian, PlayStation 5

Episode Timeline:
(0:00) – Intro/Chris Pratt is Mario
(4:06) – Nintendo Direct
(11:04) – Sakaguchi Direct
(13:08) – Fantasian revisited
(16:25) – Actraiser Renaissance
(32:28) – Astro’s Playroom/PS5
(1:05:12) – Outro

You can download this episode directly here.

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This Week’s Music:
“A Huge Pile of Junk” from (every​)​DaYs into dreams​.​.​. ~ viperdaily2020 PROJECT and “Working Up the Courage” from FIRE ARROW X Original Soundtrack by HEAVYVIPER. Get both albums and more at

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