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VGH #469: The Most Productive Pirates Ever

We’re recovering from our Extra Life haze and trying to remember the games we played, including Among Us, We Were Here Too, Sea of Thieves, The Walking Fish 2, and Penko Park.

  • Things Discussed

    Things Discussed:
    Among Us, Extra Life, Extra Life 2020, Penko Park, Sea of Thieves, The Walking Fish 2: Final Frontier, We Were Here Too

Episode Timeline:
(0:29) – Intro/Extra Life
(7:02) – Among Us
(16:50) – Obligatory FFXIV/Animal Crossing chat
(18:57) – Spelunky 2/Slay the Spire
(22:49) – We Were Here Too
(39:19) – Sea of Thieves
(46:20) – The Walking Fish 2: Final Frontier
(52:18) – Penko Park
(1:02:38) – Outro

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This Week’s Music:
“Vessy the Pulp Extraction Bot” and “Among the Starfruit” by Lemonectric. Get the original album Zest Quest and more at

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