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CONTEST: Defeat your backlog, win a game!

Backlog Attack

UPDATE: This post previously said the deadline for submitting your updates was “Sunday, August 1,” which is not a real date. Because of the confusion, the new deadline is noon on Monday, August 3 (Pacific time).

As of our latest episode, this year’s Backlog Attack has begun, and we’re inviting you to play along with us!

All you have to do is share a list of unfinished games you want to get through this month, then play them! You’ll have chances to check in and share your progress throughout July. Then, at the end of the month, we’ll choose a winner based on who we think has achieved the greatest feat of backloggery, and that person will receive the fall new release game of their choice!*

The winner will be judged based on several factors that aren’t just limited to the number of games you completed. For instance, maybe you only had a single game in your backlog but it was a 3000-hour JRPG,** and you 100%-ed it! That’s ridiculous! You probably deserve that new game, so tell us about it!

To get started, just post your list in the comments below, then keep us updated on your progress between now and Monday, August 3rd at 12PM Pacific time. Make sure to follow us on Twitter, join the Discord, and listen to the show over the next few weeks since we’ll be giving our own progress updates, along with some bonus backlog challenges that may help you secure the title of backlog champion. For instance…

Backlog Challenge #1: Send us a photo or screenshot of one of the games on your list!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line via Twitter, Facebook or email and we’ll be happy to explain any of the rules. We think it’s simple enough, though: play your old games, win a new one! Now get to it and post your list below!

* MSRP $60 (U.S.) or under, or standard edition MSRP for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X games. Release date delivery provided where available.
** The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel V