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VGH #395: Exotic Plorts

In a shocking twist, Randy sets up a factory farm on a remote planet in Slime Rancher. Meanwhile, D.J. navigates the ups, downs, and excessive spikes of adventure-puzzler The Way. Also, anyone want a Gameboy with a hand crank?!

  • Things Discussed

    Things Discussed:
    Another World, Flashback: The Quest for Identity, Playdate, Slime Rancher, The Way

Episode Timeline:
00:36 – Intro
02:09 – Ritual of the Moon
04:28 – Playdate
24:16 – The Way
45:26 – Slime Rancher
1:08:51 – Outro

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This Week’s Music:
“Crystal Labyrinth” and “Return to the Star” from Option Fire -Gradius III NES/Famicom Arrange Album- by Wally Chantek. Get the full album for free at

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