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Community Game Night: Monster Hunter: World

oh no

Hunters unite! Monster Hunter: World is here and we’re kicking off what’s sure to be the first of many VGH hunting nights this Friday, February 2nd. Whether you’re a fledgling hunter or a grizzled veteran from the First Fleet, you’re welcome to join Paul, D.J. and the VGH community as we slay ferocious beasts, lug around enormous eggs, and cause a ruckus at the local canteen. Starting Friday at 7:30 Eastern, we’ll be playing on PS4 and have a 16-player lobby open for you to post the quests you’re working on, find others’ quests to help out with, or just hang out and socialize. All you need to do is join via the room code, which will be posted here on Friday. We hope to see you there!

Room code: 3FvtG3BKE38C

Join the VGH Monster Hunter: World squad:
Once you’ve joined our room, you’ll receive an invite to join the in-game VGH squad which will make joining future hunt nights a breeze. You’ll also be able to jump into a room with other VGH squad members whenever you’re online.

WHAT: Monster Hunter: World on the PlayStation 4
WHEN: Friday, February 2 @ 7:30pm ET
HOW: Join us using our room code! (code will be posted above once the room is active)

Or add us on PSN:
Paul – Dasflikko
D.J. – metaly