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VGH #298: E3 2017

E3 is here and it’s time to second-guess all of our entertainment choices! Has Sony betrayed us? Is Monster Hunter real? Does playing Mario XCOM mean we secretly like Minions? Y can’t Metroid crawl??

  • Things Discussed

    Things Discussed:
    E3, E3 2017, Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Metroid: Samus Returns, Minecraft, Monster Hunter World, Shadow of the Colossus, Skyrim, Spider-Man, Super Mario Odyssey

Episode Timeline

00:37 – Intro
00:55 – We love E3
06:53 – Emergency quiz show hype
08:12 – We looooove E3
11:40 – Minecraft for everyone*
12:20 – What is Sony Doing
14:34 – Microsoft’s open-world car and gun sandbox
22:35 – Shadow of the Colossus again
26:40 – Fake Monster Hunter game
36:34 – Yet Another Metroid 2 Remake
43:45 – Mario XCOM, Mario Minions, Mario Kirby
57:50 – Spider-man!!!!!!
65:13 – Everything was Skyrim
68:52 – Outro

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This Week’s Music:
“Stor Eiglass” by Squarepusher and “100HM” by Hudson Mohawke from the Watch Dogs 2 soundtrack

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