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VGH @ Extra Life 2016

Extra Life

We’re participating in the Extra Life 2016 gaming marathon for charity! On Saturday, November 5th, we’ll be raising funds for the Children’s Miracle Network of hospitals by playing games for 24 hours straight. We hope you’ll tune into our livestream, cheer us on, and pledge your support for our team by donating a few dollars toward our fundraising goal. Any amount is appreciated! You can contribute here:

Even if you’re unable to donate, we hope you’ll follow our progress on the stream and join us for some multiplayer games. Here’s just a sample of what we’ll be playing on Saturday:

Stream highlights (all times Eastern):

6:00 AM – Gears of War 4
11:00 AM – The Long Dark
Noon – The Legend of Zelda
2:00 PM – Community multiplayer: Overwatch (PC) (add D.J. (metaly#1100) on
4:00 PM – Fantastic Arcade featuring new games from the creators of Downwell and Katamari Damacy
6:00 PM – Osiris: New Dawn
8:00 PM – Community multiplayer: Mario Kart 8 (add Randy (randy_wrecked) or D.J. (metaly) on Wii U)
Midnight – Live Show
2:00 AM (midnight PDT) – Spooky Hour featuring Capsule

VGH Live Show:

We’ll take a break around midnight (Eastern) to record our live show. We’ll weigh in on the games we’ve played, complain/boast how tired we all are/aren’t, and take questions from the audience. We’ll also be live on Twitch and be hosting an open Google Hangout, so if you’re up to it, join in and chat with us on the air! (The Hangout link will be posted here before the show starts.)

Game giveaways:

We mentioned on this week’s episode that we’ll be giving away games on the stream when we hit certain donation milestones. As of game day, we’ve utterly crushed all of those milestones thanks to your incredible generosity, so we’ll just be giving games away all day. Make sure you tune into the stream!

Also featured on the stream:

Civilization VI
The Division
Dragon Quest Builders
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes
Nuclear Throne
Star Trek Online
and a live tour of the Videogame History Museum!

How to find us:

Main VGH Stream:
The VGH stream will be live all day with whoever’s playing at the time!

Wii U: randy_wrecked
PSN: randy_wrecked
Steam: randy_wrecked
Twitch: randy_wrecked

3DS: 0602-6679-8118
Wii U: Dasflikko
PSN: Dasflikko
Steam: Flik
Twitch: Dasflikko

3DS: 0903-2909-8746
Wii U: metaly
PSN: metaly
Steam: metaly
Twitch: metalyfled

As always, follow @vghangover on Twitter for updates!