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Join us for VGH episode 200!

Join us!

We’re coming up on a major VGH milestone: our 200th episode! After many heated debates over how we should celebrate*, we compromised and decided to leave it up to you, the listener. That is—we want you to join us for our 200th episode and call the shots.

That’s right: For this very special episode, we’re dusting off that elusive fourth host chair so one of you can sit in it. Along with the seat itself comes all the posh privileges of being a VGH host: you get to tell everyone what you’ve been playing in the Hangover, discuss a gaming topic of your choice, and take part in whatever other shenanigans are going on that week. (It’ll be right after E3, so who knows what will happen?? Maybe we’ll all be enslaved by Nintendo!)

Here’s all you need to do to join us for this milestone episode:

– Own a computer microphone or headset. It doesn’t need to be pro-level, we just need to be able to hear you!
– Be available to record via Skype one evening during the week of June 22nd through June 26th.
– Send us a 60-second (or shorter) message, via or 682-999-VGH1**, describing your topic and why you should guest host. Don’t forget to mention some way for us to reach you!

That’s it! We’ll pick a guest host by Thursday, June 18th and contact you to get everything ready for you to come on the show. All you need to do now is give us a call! (Please leave your 60-second message by the end of Monday, June 15th, so we have time to listen to them!)

If you have any questions about hosting, leave us a comment below, or hit us up on Twitter @vghangover. We can’t wait to hear from you!

Update: We’ve expanded the nights we’ll be recording to the entire week of June 22 to 26!

* Randy wanted to hold a party in his Animal Crossing village; D.J. insisted on having it in his Final Fantasy XIV house; Paul asked to be excused
** Since phone calls usually don’t sound great, we’d prefer you leave us a message via Audioboom, but it’s up to you!