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Summer Backlog Attack, Week 10

Summer Backlog Attack, Week 10

We made it! Backlog 2014 is complete and is our most successful ever, with 11 out of 18 games eventually getting crossed off our lists. As for those pesky remainders, I plan to get into Sleeping Dogs soon (maybe around when the Definitive Edition hits), Randy will seek out new rereleases of A Link to the Past to try, and Paul has vowed to play XCOM for the rest of his gaming life so he never actually has to play The Last of Us.

Listen to our closing thoughts, plus find out the winner of our community backlog contest on this week’s episode, VGH #160: Bug Stick.

Our backlogging will continue until next summer, though! You can still follow us on the Backloggery here:

Randy’s Backloggery
D.J.’s Backloggery
Paul’s Backloggery