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Summer Backlog Attack 2014, Week 1

Backlog Attack 2014 Week 1

It’s time for the third annual Summer Backlog Attack, and that means I get to trot out the big board again. We’ve got a pretty odd list of games in our sights this year—there’s some Halo, some survival horror, some more Halo, and… Nintendo games? How weird.

Stay tuned to the show coming up this Thursday to hear how we did in our first week. And if you’ve got some backlog games of your own, you’ll want to hang onto them for later this summer when we open up the Backlog Attack to our listeners.

If you missed the kickoff show, take a listen to VGH #151: #SaveVGH for the Great Deciding.

You can also track our progress on our Backloggery pages and follow us there if you have your own account:

Randy’s Backloggery
D.J.’s Backloggery
Paul’s Backloggery