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Community Game Night: Grand Theft Auto V

Game Night

Crank up the Love Fist and dress in your finest Ponsonby’s swag: we’re playing Grand Theft Auto V this week!

Join the Video Game Hangover team for our first Community Game Night of the year.

WHAT: Grand Theft Auto V on PS3
WHEN: Friday, January 31 @ 9:30pm ET
HOW: Express your interest in the comment section below and share your PSN name.

Be sure to add us and others to your Friends list to help get the game started in a timely fashion.

Randy: randy_wrecked
Matt: SweetSweetTrash
D.J.: metaly
Paul: Dasflikko

See you on Friday!


  1. Erik K.
    Erik K. January 30, 2014

    I’ll be a little late. But I’ll be there!

  2. Eric Peterson
    Eric Peterson January 30, 2014

    If I can score a Redbox copy & install all the patches I’ll be there.

  3. Eric Peterson
    Eric Peterson January 30, 2014

    AND it looks as if there are no copies to be rented from Redbox. Ah well.

  4. pkworship
    pkworship January 31, 2014

    Had a crazy, awesome time with the VGH crew at their first Community Game Night of 2014. Cheers to red cowboy hats, invincible tanks and impenetrable prison buses. Anyone up for Final Fantasy 14 as next months Community Game Night?

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