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Get featured on our final show of 2013!

Please quaff responsibly.

Send us your questions or comments:

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Break out the glasses—VGH’s third annual Hungover Hangover call-in show is coming up! In what’s become a yearly tradition, we’ll be recording our final show of 2013 while enjoying some adult beverages and answering your questions on the air. (We’ve also got some other surprises in store… but more on those later.)

We’ll be taking any and all of your questions or comments—they doesn’t even need to be gaming-related, so go nuts! What’s Randy’s favorite pokémon? How many continuous hours of The Witcher 2 can Paul play before he starts speaking in Polish? (OK, those questions are both definitely gaming-related, but yours don’t have to be!)

There are a few ways to submit your question or comment. Use your computer mic, headset or smartphone and send us a 60-second Audioboo for free. Or, you can leave us a Google Voice message by calling* 682-999-VGH1 (682-999-8441). If you don’t need to be heard, you can always tweet us @vghangover, send an email to, or just leave your questions in the comments below.

Just be sure to send your message in by Friday, December 13 to ensure we receive it in time.

We can’t wait to hear your messages! We had an amazing time on last year’s finale—and throughout 2013—and it was all thanks to listeners like you. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this year’s show—call in today!

*Long distance charges may apply.