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VGH #115: The Weed Mission

VGH #115: The Weed Mission

Brace yourselves. It’s a full hour dedicated to the Grand Theft Auto V of video games: Grand Theft Auto V.

Episode Timeline:
0:00 – Intro
2:35 – Grand Theft Auto V
58:49 – Last Call
65:00 – Outro

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This Week’s Music:
“Sheston” and “Skello” from the Stealth Bastard original soundtrack by Ricky Honmong

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  1. A Parker
    A Parker September 27, 2013

    Enjoyed the GTA V discussion particularly because I have virtually no interest it it 🙂 A small part of me wants to see it, just to experience it a little, but there are just too many open worlds to care about all of them, and I don’t really want to play as a chauvinistic (allegedly) scum-bag. Nor do sub-par mechanics sound attractive just because I can do them all in one world where all of those experiences probably exist in other more focused games.
    </my 2¢>

    • spaulsandhu
      spaulsandhu September 28, 2013

      I think I am really close to finishing the campaign and honestly the reports of the game being misogynistic are a little overblown. It is disappointing that there aren’t any strong female characters in GTA 5, but hopefully Rockstar will fix that in the next game. I’ll also add that I’ve really been enjoying the game a hell of a lot more than my lukewarm initial reactions but some of the core mechanics are indeed sub-par compared to other titles.

      If you aren’t interested in GTA games, I doubt this iteration will sway you because it really does feel like a highly polished and tightly paced version of what we’ve seen in the past. Anyways, glad you enjoyed the discussion!

  2. creid8
    creid8 September 27, 2013

    I wanted to hold off for the PC version, but multiplayer heists with the VGH social club might be too good to pass up…

    • spaulsandhu
      spaulsandhu September 28, 2013

      Yeah I am definitely looking forward to the multiplayer for GTA 5, and I originally planned on waiting for the PC version as well! Hopefully the multiplayer doesn’t disappoint.

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