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VGH #114: Play It in Klingon

VGH #114: Play It in Klingon

We stick the fork of mercy into the Summer Backlog Attack, because it’s time for us to stop playing old games and start stealing cars. We also stick multiple forks (with varying degrees of lethality) into Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Paul’s still playing Diablo III? Oh, it’s the new Diablo III for Consoles. Also, we’re super excited for Watch Dogs but maybe it’s just because the Internet is a big place and we get lonely.

In the Hangover, Randy’s playing Killzone: Mercenary, which is a first-person shooter you play on a handheld, D.J. is unusually restrained about Final Fantasy XIV, and Paul is already sick of Grand Theft Auto V.

We’ve got your Spelunky-flavored Viewer Mail, and we announce the grand prize winner of the Backlog Attack contest! Is it you?

Episode Timeline:
0:00 – Intro
3:00- Viewer Mail
11:38 – Backlog Attack
25:03 – Splinter Cell Blacklist
31:31 – Killzone: Mercenary
39:35 – Diablo III
47:35 – Grand Theft Auto V
52:10 – Watch Dogs
58:49 – Last Call
65:00 – Outro

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This Week’s Music:
“Sheston” and “Skello” from the Stealth Bastard original soundtrack by Ricky Honmong

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15 minutes of the “Watch Dogs free-roaming experience”
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  1. creid8
    creid8 September 19, 2013

    ahhhh I won something

  2. A Parker
    A Parker September 20, 2013

    Thanks so much guys! The backlog attack was a great exercise and I’m really glad to have knocked off a large percentage of games that were nagging at me 🙂

    And between a game of choice, $10 amazon vouchers and steam keys, it’s like x-mas in september 🙂 Congrats all 🙂

  3. randy_wrecked
    randy_wrecked September 21, 2013

    …and you get a car…and you get a car…and YOU get a car!

  4. StrandedBrit
    StrandedBrit September 21, 2013

    You guys are all awesome. That 10 bucks will go to a probable Windwaker HD purchase so you’ll all be contributing to the Wii U renaissance! ….. maybe?!

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