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Summer Backlog Attack: Week 7

Summer Backlog Attack: Week 7

Three weeks left to go in our backlog challenge! Randy and I have gotten sidetracked a bit with Splinter Cell Blacklist, but we’re making good progress (or at least Randy is), so we’re giving ourselves a week off. Smart move??

In a surprise move, Paul has actually added a game to his backlog list, but it’s OK because it’s 2010’s Splinter Cell Conviction and everyone should play that game. Also, I’ll be taking my Vita out of my apartment for the first time for the sole purpose of playing Jet Set Radio in my limited downtime at PAX. Yeah… we’ll see how that goes.

Backlogonauts, don’t forget to listen to this week’s show for the final Backlog Attack weekly challenge!

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  1. spaulsandhu
    spaulsandhu September 3, 2013

    I yield. 🙁

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